Bsnl Data Card VS Airtel , Reliance ,tata indicom and Hutch

There was no wireless internet service provider in India untill a few years ago and then there was a sudden flood of wireless internet service providers. The big players are airtel, reliance, tata indicom and bsnl has also joined the march. These isps provide wireless internet connections using a data card with different technologies like CDMA, WLL, GSM and some of them provide a usb plug in modem like tata indicom and reliance netconnect do.
Data cards come handy when you are travelling on a train or even on a highway and need to stay connected on the go. I have used almost all of them and have now settled with reliance data card which I have found to be more reliable and faster then the other data cards available in the India market.
Bsnl has just launched data cards with EVDO technology which is capable of connections with speed more then 2Mbps and is already available in some parts of UP and a few other states across India although BSNL has still not increased the prices for the EVDO data cards.

Airtel data card for approx 5000/- gives unlimited data transfer at 999/- per month
reliance netconnect usb modem, data card for 4100/- or 4200/- gives unlimited data transfer at 1500/- per month
hutch for approx. 5000/- gives data transfer for and how much?
tata indicom for 4100/- or is it 2850/- data transfer 1.5gb for approx 900/- month
RELIANCE data card is the worst service i have used till date, tata gives a better speed. even sarkari BSNL on GPRS gives a better speed for rs 110 per month unlimited time . reliance is famous for overbilling data card users.......

So I think Bsnl Is Best.........