What is EV-DO?
Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data only, abbreviated as EV-DO or EVDO and often EV, is a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals

What is CDMA 1x ?
CDMA 1x is the previous version or the older version of EVDO.
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What is the speed of EVDO network?
What is the speed of CDMA 1x ?
Theoretically EVDO Offers 2.4 Mbps with Rev 0 and 3.1 Mbps on Rev A. But it varies on depending on few parameters. (Bsnl Says 2.4 ... In Cdma 144 kbps Only )

What is the difference between CDMA 1x and EVDO?
CDMA 1x is relatively older when compared with EVDO in terms of speed and performance. While CDMA 1x offers 144 Kbps, its successor EVDO offers 2.4+ Mbps.

Can I use a EVDO device to access CDMA 1x network?
Since EVDO devices offers backward compatibility, you can access a CDMA 1x network with EVDO Device.

Can I access EVDO Network with CDMA 1x device?
No, you can’t.

Can I use my ISP’s EVDO / CDMA 1x device to access other ISP’s network?
In India, its not possible at the moment.

Does BSNL EVDO Device uses a R-UIM Card?
No, the device works and can access network without R-UIM card.

Is BSNL EVDO Network available in my city?
Since EVDO is in initial stages, only few parts of India has EVDO coverage and its still under construction and testing process.

Is BSNL EVDO announced officially?

When will BSNL offer EVDO Network?
As soon as BSNL completes establishing EVDO towers and network across India, they will announce it Officially and will start improving its infrastructure.

Will I be able get full speed?
This depends on how far you stay from BSNL’s CDMA Tower, either with EVDO network or CDMA 1x. You will get good speeds if the tower is within 3 - 5 KMs. (So Farrrr Its Baddd )(automatically switch to cdma)

How can I find out a tower near my house?
You need to visit your nearest BSNL telephone exchange and make a query.
call caustmer cair number

Where can I buy BSNL EVDO Device?
You can buy the BSNL’s EVDO Device at your local BSNL Telephone Exchange.

Whats the cost of BSNL EVDO Device?
The device costs Only 3,500 Rs.

Should I pay 3,500 Rs at the beginning?
Its your wish, BSNL offers two schemes. One is on rental basis and spot purchase. You can either purchase at the beginning or pay monthly as rental.

How much should I pay monthly on rental basis?
600 Rs / Month

How much should I pay monthly on spot purchase of device?
250 Rs / Month

What is the Initial Security Deposit?
1,000 Rs

What is the activation charge?
250 Rs. It will be billed in the first month’s bill.

Is the usage Unlimited?

Is there any Hidden Charges?
No! Except taxes.

Who is the BSNL EVDO Device Manufacturer?
ZTE Corporation. The current model is AC8700

How is the network coverage?
Since its in the initial stages, its quite good. But CDMA 1x is available almost everywhere.

Can I access internet while roaming?
No, BSNL hasn’t enabled National Roaming yet. So it is only possible to access internet in the state of purchase.

What is the Download Speeds with EVDO Network?
Theoretically, EVDO Offers 300 KBps. But BSNL’s EVDO network gives 150 - 220 KBps at few cities.

Whats the Download Speeds with CDMA 1x?
15 ~ 18 KBps. (Bandwidth is 115 kbbs ) In 2 Mbps We Can download at 240 above

Whats the upload speeds?
Upload speeds are almost the same as download speed ( Thank Good ) I am Uploader ...

Is it Static IP Address ?
Yes it is a Shared Static IP. ( Sorry rapidshare users....... )

What is Shared IP ?
IP addess between many individuals will be shared simultaneously.

Can I use this device with Windows Vista?
Yes you can. also work with linux (This is New in India But....... So Google For More)

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