Bsnl Evdo On-Rental or On-Purchase ?

As most of you know, there are two options to choose before you purchase the device. One is ”On-Rental” and the another is “On-Purchase”.
If you choose “On-Rental”, then you will pay little extra every month and if you opt to purchase the device at the beginning, i.e “On-Purchase”, then you will pay low bill every month.

So which plan is best for you? If you are big on pocket, you will go for “On-Purchase”, if not you will go for “On-Rental”. But there is something that you will have to keep in mind. On-Purchase will give you the limited warranty, but whereas On-Rental will give you unlimited warranty. So what’s the advantage?

There are two plans to choose from, one is by monthly rental basis and another is on-purchase. The cost of the device is 3,500 Rs. So if you purchase the device on rental, you don’t have to pay 3,500 Rs at the beginning and if you purchase the device for 3,500 Rs at the beginning, you don’t have to pay the rental. The table below will give you the clear picture of the tariff structure:

Network Type CDMA 1x EVDO
Speed 144 Kbps 2.4 Mbps
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
On Rental 250 + 200 + Tax 550 + 200 + Tax
On Purchase 250 Rs 550 Rs

Do note that the speeds will/may vary depending on few parameters like how far you stay from the tower and the signal strength etc.

Before buying the device, ask your telephone exchange officers about the type of network available in your area. If your area has no EVDO network at the time of purchase, its better to opt for CDMA 1x network plan and later when they establish EVDO network, they will notify you via mail. Then you can get your device reconfigured for free at the local telephone exchange and start accessing the EVDO network.