Advanced JPG Compressor 5.0

advanced jpg compressor
Advanced JPG Compressor 5.0
Advanced JPEG Compressor for Windows is an invaluable and useful tool for everyone who knows what is a digital image. This is definitely a must-have utility if you own a scanner or a digital camera, use digital images whether at work, or at home.

This program allows you to:

-Convert images to JPEG format using the most powerful JPEG compression engine
-Shrink the large file size of your graphic files
-Optimize pictures for faster loading from the Web
-E-mail smaller image files faster and not exceeding email size limitations
-Resize images and make thumbnails
-Advanced JPEG Compressor can acquire pictures from your scanner or digital camera, and save them in the JPG format with the highest quality / file size ratio. You can easily scan, compress and e-mail photos from Advanced JPEG Compressor.
-Advanced JPEG Compressor works as dedicated JPEG converter, allowing you to
open existing images in many formats (BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, …), and a JPEG optimizer, compressing existing JPG images. The possibility to create, edit and apply named compression profiles considerably helps in processing various types of graphic files. The Batch Processing function makes it easy to process multiple images applying the selected compression profile