CA Antivirus 2008

Comprehensive Virus Protection! If you’re unprotected, viruses can invade through email, downloads, instant messages, and even web pages. From there, they can erase your files, damage your hard drive, and destroy the information you value most: photos, music, documents, and more. CA Anti-Virus provides comprehensive protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs.

Computer Associates Antivirus 2008 is the latest version of the award winning antivirus protection software for your home and home office PC. Developed by a world leader in internet security software, so you can take comfort in the complete virus protection. CA Antivirus detects and removes 100% of computer viruses “in the wild”* – keeping you safe from virtually all known virus threats. Plus, with automatic software updates, new threats that emerge daily won’t stand a chance. A full range of features – for a fraction of the cost – gives you powerful control, invaluable protection, and the confidence to surf and download securely.

Key Features:

• Supports up to 3 PC’s

• Detects viruses, worms and Trojans

• Scans emails automatically

• Defends against emerging viruses

• Protects files, downloads and attachments

Size : 19.8 MB