Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

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This chapter provides an understanding of adhesives and sealants as

a means for assembling and adding value to finished products. The

importance and prominence that adhesives and sealants have as commercial

products are highlighted. The multiple functions played by

adhesives and sealants are identified as are the critical procedures

required to achieve successful results. The advantages and disadvantages

of using these materials are explained and compared to other

methods of joining.

Basic definitions of common terms used in the adhesive and sealant

industries are provided in this chapter, and a glossary of terms appears

in Appendix A. The processes employed by the manufacturers

of adhesives and sealants and by their end-users are described.

Sources of information for further understanding and study are offered

at the conclusion of this chapter and in Appendix B.

Through this chapter, the reader will gain an appreciation of the

complex processes related to adhesives and sealants and the multiple

sciences that form their foundation. This chapter reveals why a multidisciplined

approach is necessary for the successful application of adhesives

and sealants. Most of the topics presented are again visited

in detail in later chapters.