MAGIX Xtreme Photostory on CD & DVD 6

The best-selling award winner transforms your photos into dynamic TV events - ready for the big screen and in widescreen format!

Using 1-click automations you can create slideshows with cinematic effects, virtual camera movements and personalized background music. Experience your photos on TV, PC or the Internet on your very own Album website.

Ideal for beginners!

With handy Task Wizards and 1-click automation: Create impressive presentations and shows in 16:9 widescreen format, wich movie-like effects, virtual camera pans and custom soundtracks.

1. Select photos & videos

Import your photos and videos from camera phones, digital cameras, memory cards, CDs & DVDs, and all other sources ΓÇô simply at the touch of a button.

2. Insert effects & music

Automatically or in your own unique way ΓÇô it's your choice! Use the practical assistants to transform your photos into cinematic masterpieces in no time.

3. The result: Breathtaking TV events!

Your family and friends will be astounded with the results. You can then burn your creation to CD or DVD for viewing on TV via your DVD player.

New: The slideshow trailer

Increase excitement levels using animated DVD menus with individual scenes or snapshots from your movie. Imagine, your software develops a movie menu from your photos, which then runs in the background as an animated DVD menu. You can also create flowing introductory transitions with impressive animations ΓÇô in 3D too!

New: Every slideshow as a Flash video

Flash videos have small file sizes at optimum Internet quality, perfect for online display of your movies. So that you can integrate every slideshow as a Flash video into any HTML-based website, MAGIX Online Album comes equipped with a handy export function for Flash videos.

New: Animated decorative elements

On the Internet you'll find countless animated graphics which can now be added to your photos as decorative elements. The size, position, and color can all be customized to meet your exact requirements, just like every other decorative element from our huge media pool.

Demo video

New: Look good in every light

Whether for portrait or landscape photos, your shots now fit optimally into the flow of pictures and can be enhanced with the colors and decorations of your choice. Perfect for making those annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the screen less noticeable.

Demo video

Unique designing possibilities:

MAGIX StoryMaker makes it a breeze to create unique arrangements: With the help of selected decorations, dynamic camera movements, and zooms, your optimized photos & videos can become livelier than ever before.

* Optimize

* Decorate

* Add camera movements

* Rotate

* Fade

Easily optimize the sound and picture

Every photo and every sound recording can be optimized using the simple 1-click tools. Image optimization ranges from quick corrections (brightness and contrast) to color adjustments for creating amazing pictures in every shade and color.

Spoken comments can be enhanced using stereo and surround sound effects, while the DeClicker and DeHisser help remove distortions like clicking, crackling, and hissing.

The matching style for every occasion: MAGIX MovieShow Maker

Do you take most of your photographs when on holidays or at festive events? We've been working on how to get the very best out of your photo memories by adding decorations or transforming your photos into unusual slideshows that match the occasion perfectly. From beach holidays to music clips, you can now create a show from your photos in no time. What's more, you can also add fades, effects, decorations, and background music to make a fantastic film from your photos.

The right sound for every mood: MAGIX Soundtrack Maker

Without music, your effect-filled slideshow is only half a slideshow. Music helps to add even more life to your show and any real film needs a soundtrack anyway! With MAGIX Soundtrack Maker you can stylistically enhance your movies, adding emotions to your scenes with the matching musical accompaniment. Individual sections of the slideshow are accentuated differently, from mysterious to happy ΓÇô you decide!

Additional features:

* NEW: Noticeably more fluent and faster performance on PCs with dual-core processors

* NEW: Import and export MPEG4 videos for iPOD, PSP & co. after fee-based activation

* Comprehensive file import and export

* Title Editor with limitless possibilities: different positions, movements, designs, 3D effects

* 3D animations & magnetic objects: Decorative elements automatically follow movements

* Non-destructive editing

* Overview mode: all pictures at a glance

* Storyboard mode for the quick design of every picture

* Timeline mode for detailed arrangements with all sounds and tracks

Online Extras

Present your photos online

Present your photos & slideshows to the world in your own free MAGIX Online Album.

To the MAGIX Online Album

* Fullscreen slideshow with text and music on your own album website

* And more: Upload videos and experience them online!

* Upload pictures straight from your mobile phone to your Online Album

* Create playlists, upload them and play them online

* NEW: Add slideshows as Flash movies on other websites and portals

Catooh - the new Online Content Library

Catooh offers a unique collection of royalty-free media: photos, movies, DVD menus, style packages, sound effects and background music in a huge collection of your MAGIX slideshow projects.

To Catooh

* Gigantic archive ΓÇô quality proven by our editorial team

* Includes a practical preview function

* Media collection in compatible formats for users of MAGIX software and any other programs

System Requirements

Minimum configuration:

For Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista

* PC with Intel or AMD

* Min. 256 MB RAM

* Min. hard disk memory 500 MB, for video files min. 1 GB free space (5 GB recommended), additional 700 MB while burning (S)VCDs, min. 4.7 GB for DVDs

* 16-bit sound card, DVD drive, Microsoft® compatible mouse

* SVGA graphics card with min. 4 MB RAM, min. resolution 1024x768 at 16-bit high-color

* 3D power effects with OpenGL/DirectX9 support and Microsoft® Windows Media Player™ version 7.0 or higher

* Min. 32 MB XVGA card memory recommended for 3D power effects in HD slideshows (64 MB recommended)

* Creates CDs with SCSI or IDE CD-R(W) burners, DVDs with DVD+/-R(W) burners.

* MAGIX Online Services require Internet connection and Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ version 5.0 or higher