Pinnacle PCTV 5.9 Stereo

Watch and record stereo TV on your PC:

Record stereo television shows, grab high-quality still pictures and archive them onto CDs or DVDs*

with PCTV Stereo. PCTV Stereo combines an internal television tuner card and Pinnacle's Vision 5

recording software, providing you with the perfect solution for recording television shows to your

PC and backing them up onto SVCD* or DVD.

Experience the joys of time shifting:

One of the most exciting features of PCTV Stereo is the software's built-in TimeShifting technology,

which lets you pause a television show currently in progress. If, for example, you're in the middle

of watching an exciting sporting event and the telephone rings, press the pause button and PCTV continues

recording the show in the background. When you finish your call, press the play button to resume watching

exactly where you left off. Of course depending on how much of a particular show has been cached, you'll

also be able to rewind the program and fast forward through commercials!

Experience the highest picture quality:

Using the latest tuner and video decoder technology, PCTV Stereo couples phenomenal picture quality with

features only found on high-end set top personal video recorders. These features include the ability to:

View television on your computer monitor in full-screen mode, or in a free, scalable window.

View programming broadcast in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios

De-interlace television programming in real time.

Decode both CCIR-2 carrier FM and NICAM audio standards

Record programs in either MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or DV formats with no file size restrictions

Use your computer like a VCR and program it to record any show, on any channel at any time.

Other features include, automatic channel scan, which detects station names and a Multi-channel preview

matrix, which includes a display of detected channel names and continuously shows a matrix of screenshots

of all tuned channels.

Burn your programmes and create a great collection!

Do you have a lot of programs stored on your hard drive that you'd like to watch on your living room DVD

player? No problem, PCTV Stereo lets you record all of your favorite shows onto a VCD, SVCD*, DVD* that

can play in most set top DVD players. Select the shows you want to back up, and then, with the click of

a button, quickly burn them to disc. It's that easy!

With all of these features and more, it's easy to see why PCTV Stereo is the most feature rich and

cost-effective way to record television programs to your computer and ultimately to CD or DVD.

All Components have been unlocked!! Make sure you read the "Read Me" file in it!