Rapidshare WinRar Password Recovery

WinRar Password Recovery

WinRar Password Recovery[/b]

Advanced RAR Password Recovery can be used to recover lost or forgotten passwords for a RAR/WinRar archives. Unfortunately, there is no known method to extract the password from the compressed file instantly; so the only available methods are brute-force and dictionary-based attacks.

Please take in mind, however, that RAR encryption is VERY strong, and even on very fast CPUs it is possible to test not more than a few thousand passwords per second. So brute-force attack is effective for short passwords only (up to 5 or 6 characters), and if the password is longer and dictionary attack didn't help -- you're out of luck.

* The program has a convenient user interface

* The program can work with archives containing only one encrypted file

* All compression methods are supported

* Self-extracting archives are supported

* The program is customizable: you can set the password length (or length range), the character set to be used to generate the passwords, and a lot of other options

* You can select the custom character set for brute-force attack (non-English characters are supported)

* Dictionary-based attack is available

* The "brute-force with mask" attack is available

* No special virtual memory requirements

* You can interrupt the program at any time, and restart from the same point later

* The program can work in the background, using the CPU only when it is in idle state