Secret Explorer 7.0.1493

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Find hidden data, such as IE form autocomplete data, passwords to protected websites, account and identity passwords, and much more with this new system inspection tool. Secret Explorer is designed to reveal hidden data which is stored in undocumented Windows Protected Storage. With Secret Explorer import/export feature you can also move all your personalized information from one computer to another, basically familiarizing a new system with you.

* Explore Protected Storage (View, Analyze, Edit, Import and Export) and IE 7 password storage

* Retrieve AutoComplete passwords and data

* Recover various Internet Passwords

* Transfer Internet passwords and settings from one computer to another

This system inspection/maintenance tool allows you to explore Windows Protected Storage. This Windows feature is not documented and is known only to professionals. With Secret Explorer you will be able to become a professional, too. You will be able to locate hidden information in any Windows-based system. This includes web form autocomplete data from Internet Explorer; passwords for password protected websites; MS Outlook account and identity passwords, dial-up passwords and other data that Microsoft decided to store there. With the unique import/export feature of Secret Explorer you can move all your personalized data (such as IE web form autocomplete data and stored passwords) from one computer to another, basically familiarizing the new system with you.