XIII 2008 Miniseries DVDRip XviD-aAF

Synopsis :

The first woman U.S. President Sally Sheridan is killed by a sniper during his speech the Day of Independence. The killer escaped narrowly on the scene with his life. Three months later, an elderly couple discovered the body of a wounded man brought up on a beach. The young (Dorff) can not remember the slightest thing about their own identity. The only clue is a tattoo on your neck, 'XIII'. Meanwhile, the White House, the intelligence the government is still conducting a search to find the murderer of the president. Missing a few weeks to elect a new president, the confirmation of a suspect may interfere with the outcome of the polls. On the way, grabbing a lead after another, desperate, XIII begins to join the pieces of their lives, and fragments of his memory return. Concentrated in the highest echelon of power, the conspirators take its own security agency for the next government. Both are trying to find it. the One way to achieve XIII their lives back, and being the bait of a dangerous game, especially when you do not know who you really are.

Size: 1.41GB
Resolution: 624 × 352
Frame Rate: 23fps
Format: DVDRip
Audio Quality: 10
Quality of Video: 10
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: mp3
Language: English


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